Korean-Scandinavian Scientists and Engineers Association (KSSEA)

KSSEA is a 4 year old non-profit professional organization officially registered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is open for individuals residing in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), who are engaged in science, engineering or a related field. KSSEA has grown to over 130 registered members with 6 local chapters ((Stockholm/Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö-Lund in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo and Trondheim, Norway) and 6 technical groups (BT, NT, ICT, MT, Energy/Environments and Marine/Offshore Technology) covering all major branches of science and engineering. Since its birth in 2011, KSSEA has been recognized as the main representative organization promoting the common interests of Korean-Scandinavian scientists and engineers toward meeting the objectives mentioned below.


The organization objectives are:

  • To promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society.
  • To foster the cooperation of international science communities especially among the Scandinavian countries and Korea.
  • To serve the majority of Korean-Scandinavian Scientists and Engineers and help them to develop their full career potential.


To provide a platform where members can meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other, develop their full potential, create more cooperative researches and make their research life more successful.


  • Networking with other Korean-Scandinavian/European scientists and engineers.
  • Join the 6 Technical Groups within KSSEA or 4 Technical Groups in Europe.
  • You may participate in annual EU-Korea Conference on Science, Technology (EKC). The EKC offers an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other professionals who work in different fields.
  • You may organize technical sessions at EKC.
  • Leadership development through committee activities for EKC and conference organization Community Services.


  • Annual Meeting & Local Chapter Meeting
  • Publication of KSSEA Letters
  • Topical Symposia/Workshops
  • KSSEA Open forum for adoptees and 2 generation scientists and engineers


  • 500 Kroner for Regular Members
  • Free for Graduate and Undergraduate Students
  • Free for KSSEA Honorary Members